Preserving Your Investment

Limited Edition
Fine Art Photography

There are fleeting moments when the elements of light, weather, plants and earth come together in unique ways to create stunning scenery with incredible power, emotion and color. The spectacle may last for several minutes or a few glorious seconds. Experiencing these events does something special for all of us. Whether we view it live or in a photograph the sensation can be exhilarating.

Capturing these moments in an artistic photograph is the challenge of a lifetime. On his photo expeditions Ed ventures out hours before dawn, in almost any weather, in search of subjects for his camera. He may hike miles, drive for hours, and sometimes both hoping to catch something special. More often than not he returns after dark empty handed. Occasionally magic happens and a one-of-a-kind photograph is captured. Out of thousands only one or two photographs are worthy of consideration as a fine art print.

Fine artwork is sold in limited quantities making them more exclusive than standard or open edition prints which have no limits on production. As the pieces in the edition sell the value appreciates incrementally. This continues until the image sells out which increases the value substantially. This limited availability helps protect the investment you make in your work of art.

In recent years, fine art photography (especially nature photographs) has gained wide acceptance with collectors, museums, investors, art brokers and auction firms. There is something special about a well crafted landscape photograph and exclusive fine art prints have become a popular way to invest in them.

Fine art prints are sold in two ways: 1) Limited Editions with a total of 100 prints available. The first 10 pieces in the edition are sold at issue price providing a cost effect way to purchase your artwork before it appreciates. 2) Artist Proofs sold in edition sizes of 10 appeal to collectors desiring a more exclusive piece.

Each print is individually signed and numbered by the artist. A certificate of authenticity validating your purchase is provided with each print. Artists Proofs also include a plaque with information about the photograph and a CPA audited certificate of authenticity.

Artwork you hang on your wall is a statement of individual taste and we are honored that you would consider our limited edition prints. We invite you to join our family of collectors enjoying the fine art photographs of Ed Cooley in their home or office.