The Making of a Masterpiece

Ed's limited edition prints have a brilliant look all their own. After his first public exhibit the press accurately described his work "prints as vivid as an open window". They are the result of several years research and testing to find the perfect combination of artistry, technology, craftsmanship and materials.

An engineer by trade, Ed brings a unique skill set of art and science to his craft. The photographs are captured using a custom configured camera system utilizing the best equipment available. The primary component is an ultra-high resolution digital image sensor which is the sharpest, most advanced, portable image capture device on the market. The optics are imported from Germany produced by companies that have been designing precision glass for generations. The sensor and lens are combined with a technical camera that has no electronics. The camera provides no automated functions for focus, exposure or shutter release. While Ed's camera technique is scientifically precise it is entirely manual.

During post production, the photograph is processed from a digital negative to match the original scene as closely as possible. It is not uncommon for Ed to spend several days making sure every detail accurately represents the scene he experienced while in the field. No trick filters or digital manipulation is ever used to enhance the original scene.

The physical print is created using a hybrid digital and photochemical process on Fuji Crystal Archive (FCA) paper exposed by red, green and blue lasers. Normal photographic or inkjet paper absorbs almost 20% of the light producing a flat appearance. Ed's artwork is produced on a special mylar or plastic base with silver halide emulsion making it extremely light sensitive preserving color and vibrancy.

The finished artwork is then mounted using a proprietary technique designed to insure every bit of light, clarity and color remains visible while preserving the sensitive print. A polished aluminum mirror is bonded to the back of the print with a crystal clear acrylic layer protecting the front from scratches and damaging ultraviolet light rays.

The result is a magnificent piece of artwork with incredible clarity that will last for generations. Framed using museum quality, hand-made frames, Ed's limited edition prints provide a wonderful focal point for home or office.

Our goal is to provide a cherished masterpiece matching the passion and artistry Ed brings to his work. Should your piece ever become damaged, as a registered owner, you can have the print reproduced for a modest reprint and mounting fee.